Senior Software Engineer

Microsoft - full time

Bangalore, India

09 May 2017


Office 365 is a multi-billion dollar business, winning the title of the fastest growing business in Microsoft. There has been a sustained triple digit YoY growth with customers transitioning from on-prem software to the cloud. We already have 200+ million users in our service in every worldwide geo, with a significant influx of users onboarding every month across EDU, small, medium, large and governmental organizations across the world. This user base will grow to more than 1B with the upcoming convergence.
Our group’s mission is simple: deliver great & innovative collaboration experiences across all form factors. This will help share ideas, spur creativity, break silos and make decisions more quickly and drive business agility though open communication.

About the position
We are looking for a strong Senior Software Engineer whose responsibilities will include architecting, designing, developing and deploying software components on the cloud. The ideal candidate is flexible, self-motivated and a great team player. She/he will possess strong cross-discipline and cross-team collaborative skills.

  • Design and develop mission critical, highly scalable cloud based services with engineering at the scale required to take the most important customer data there is into the cloud at hyper scale and low COGs. The needs to be done while offering the best availability, latency and user experience.
  • Collect, parse, manage, visualize, store and analyze data at scale (aka “big data”) to turn information into insights using multiple platforms. Enable data driven decision for better customer insights.
  • Build next generation apps by pushing mobile technologies to the limits. Work closely with UX and UI, product management, and other teams to conceive, design, and create unique mobile experiences.

Succeeding in this role will require the following skills and experience:

  • Excellent skills in design, debugging and problem solving.
  • Experience in software development with expertise in C++ language
  • Experience developing applications on Android and iOS is preferred
  • Experience with Agile methodologies.
  • Passion for customers, product quality and test engineering.
  • Demonstrated experience in shipping high-quality products or services.
  • Familiarity with Azure, web services, multi-tiered client/server distributed applications and cross device, testing is preferred.
  • At least 6-10 years of industry experience working on commercial software applications or services.
  • BS or MS in Computer Science or equivalent.

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