Senior C++ Modelling Engineer

Intel - full time

Dublin, Ireland

06 Jun 2017


Employees of the Perceptual Computing Group have an exciting opportunity before them. We are the heart and soul of innovation at Intel, creating the technologies that will shape the future of computing.

The Intel Movidius state-of-the-art vision processing units (VPUs), combining advanced proprietary image processing and deep learning technologies, are defining new generations of products.

By implementing advanced deep learning capabilities, such convolutional neural networks (CNN), at the edge of the network, these ultra-low-power VPUs are setting the standard for adding human-capable vision to autonomous systems, such as drones, security cameras, robots, and much more.

We are looking for a C++ modelling engineer to join our dynamic Chip Create team in Dublin, developing world-class computer vision technology.

The Role:

  • This position will involve the development of high-speed simulation models that accurately reflect the intended hardware design.
  • You will work closely with the architecture and design teams to understand the functional & performance goals of the design, and develop accurate block-level models in C++.

Required Skills:

  • Min 2-3 years experience coding in C++ in a Unix environment, with a focus on hardware modelling.
  • Proficiency in object-oriented design using C++, with demonstrable usage of STL.
  • Experience validating C++ code/models.
  • Experience debugging and optimizing C++ code, with usage of tools such as Valgrind, gdb, gprof, etc.
  • Understanding of microprocessors, SoC architectures, standard bus protocols (AXI, AHB, etc).
  • Strong Unix skills, with shell scripting experience, and usage of Python or Perl
  • Strong English-language communications skills, both orally and written.

Desired Skills:

  • Experience with multithreaded programming
  • Knowledge of HDL languages (Verilog, System Verilog, VHDL) and RTL design methodology
  • Experience using SystemVerilog DPI
  • Hands-on experience (or a desire to get it) integrating and debugging C++ models in a mixed-language HDL simulation environment, such as VCS.
  • Experience with transaction-level modelling (TLM) for virtual platforms of SoCs


  • Relevant university degree, postgraduate qualification desirable

What We Offer You
When you come to work at Intel, you come to work in a collaborative, supportive environment, where your equally brilliant colleagues will push you to be your best. There's no fear of failure-we know that's how innovation happens. We also offer:

  • Competitive benefits and pay (including bonuses)
  • Opportunities for professional development and continuing education
  • The flexibility you need to achieve balance

Intel fosters a collaborative environment allowing the brightest minds in the world to come together to achieve exceptional results.

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