The Qt Company

Software Engineer, Internship

The Qt Company - full time

Berlin, Germany

08 Jun 2017

The Qt Company

The Qt Company’s engineers develop the Qt framework, which enables our customers to create applications that run smoothly on many different platforms, from embedded boards to desktop and mobile. Most of the code is developed in the open, under the strict rules of the Qt Project. We develop high quality libraries and tools in C++ using Git and a strict peer review process.

One of the Qt R&D offices is in Berlin (Adlershof), where we do offer internships for ambitious students. You should have an interest in a career in software development, and at least basic experience with C++. If you furthermore have at least four weeks of time, we can offer you interesting and exiting projects, where you can hone your development skills and get an insight into modern software development, supervised by one of our local experts.

The future is written with Qt – and this is your chance to become part of it!

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