YouView - full time

London, UK

05 Jul 2017


This role will involve contributing to the development of new core features of the set-top box in C/C++, integration of open source and proprietary components, porting of existing components, and system debugging. The primary focus of this work will be embedded Linux, core Set-Top-Box & Multimedia components. The work will principally involve Linux user space component development; however, kernel space debugging work may be required.

This is a good opportunity to work across the whole middleware stack of a set-top box.

The role includes supporting other YouView teams and STB manufacturers.
The successful candidate will have related skills in embedded software development and Set-Top-Box technologies.

Skills and Experience

  • embedded software development in C/C++
  • embedded Linux development
  • knowledge of Set-Top-Box architecture (hardware and software)
  • hands-on experience with STB technologies (DVB, DVR/PVR, IPTV)
  • experience with platform and software validation
  • experience with multi-threaded software development for real-time systems
  • complex software debugging skills
  • hands-on experience with toolchains, compilers, debuggers, build systems
  • hands-on experience with industry STB SoCs and their driver stacks (i.e. Broadcom, etc.)
  • familiarity with inter-process communication (IPC) mechanisms
  • familiarity with Linux systems, GNU tools
  • good communication and organisational skills
  • strong problem solving skills
  • structured approach to work, analysis and reporting

Additional desirable Skills and Experience

  • Set-Top-Box, DVD/Blu-ray, Media Player or similar software stacks and relevant standards experience
  • Digital TV / DVB
  • Platform & Content Security - CA / DRM / Cryptography
  • Media streaming: IPTV & adaptive bitrate like Apple HLS, MPEG-DASH, Microsoft SmoothStreaming, etc.
  • Digital Audio/Video media formats: MPEG, AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265, Dolby, etc.
  • Linux APIs: Linux DVB, V4L2, Media Controller, DirectFB, OpenGL, OpenMAX, etc.
  • Open Source Software: GStreamer, D-Bus, Glib, Wayland, Web Browsers, etc.
  • Linux Kernel knowledge: memory management, drivers, file systems, etc.
  • Network protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, DHCP, DNS, HTTP, etc
  • SoC core architectures: ARM, MIPS, etc.
  • scripting (i.e. Bash, Python)
  • git, svn, JIRA, Stash

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