Team Leader - Desktop Performance Engineering

Bloomberg - full time

Hong Kong, China

04 Apr 2019


The Bloomberg Professional Service is a premium product for the most demanding customers. The component customers interact with is a purpose-built, real-time browser supporting up-to-the-second market updates, complex data processing and responsive UI across large areas of screen real-estate. It's vital that our product works reliably, responsively, and with capacity for handling periods of market volatility that produce surges in activity. At the same time Bloomberg’s Product Teams, in partnership with Bloomberg’s Application Developers, are constantly developing and evolving our products and the platforms that host them on our customers' Windows desktops.
Our Hong Kong-based Desktop Performance Engineering team is developing tools, instrumentation, and best practices to support our Application Developers and support teams. These tools help in reducing risk when deploying new software, detecting and flagging potential performance issues on client desktops, and simplifying the analysis of client-side issues when they arise. We are looking for a hands-on lead engineer to run this team locally in Hong Kong, working with and guided by our performance engineers in London and New York.

We'll trust you to:

  • Lead the team in the following areas:
  • Identifying metrics and environmental parameters essential for evaluating performance and recognizing potential issues
  • Enabling enhanced profiling capabilities across our desktop products by creating libraries and tools for instrumenting client-side subsystems
  • Developing performance analysis and diagnostic tools for our developers and support organizations
    Leveraging metric data to automate the assessment of performance over time
  • Helping detect and address software performance issues before they impact our customers
  • Acting as part programmer / part leader, involved in making architecture decisions, implementing solutions, reviewing code, advancing best practices, managing projects as well as mentoring and nurturing your small team.
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with development and support teams around the world
  • Liaise with senior technical personnel within our local client base.
  • Provide strategic input for future infrastructure development

You’ll need to have:

  • Ideally 2+ years experience leading projects and small groups of people
  • 3+ years experience writing code in C++ for the Microsoft Windows Operating System
  • Some experience developing in JavaScript and HTML

We’d love to see:

  • Demonstrated success in leading a small team to deliver software systems
  • Experience working within a global organization.
  • Some experience in developing the people that work with you
  • Previous experience in performance analysis and optimization, especially on Windows
  • Experience with networking, IPC and multi-threaded programming on Windows or Linux
  • Experience with programming language compilers or interpreters
  • Experience with open source software platforms such as Chromium, Firefox, Node, and Electron
  • Experience with embedding or extending open source scripting engines such as V8 or SpiderMonkey

If you're a skilled C++ developer with leadership potential and a passion for running a team responsible for optimizing the behavior and performance of real-time desktop software, apply, we'd love to speak with you!

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