Research Engineer, DeepMind for Google

DeepMind - full time

London, UK

04 Apr 2019


The Role

The DeepMind for Google team, works in close collaboration with Google product teams to deploy machine learning algorithms to help to improve Google products. The team is made up of Research Scientists, Research Engineers and Software Engineers, all of whom work very closely together.

The projects involve significant experimentation of new techniques in close collaboration with our partner teams. Common phases include:

  • Understanding our partner’s objectives, stakeholders, products, constraints, key metrics, and systems
  • Gathering, transforming, and analysing data
  • Proposing, building, evaluating, and debugging practical machine learning models and algorithms
  • Integrating our pipelines, models and predictions into production serving systems
  • Running and analyzing experiments and iterating based on outcomes


We highly value strong engineering experience and people who are willing to help out with whatever moves our projects forward. You should have strong interpersonal skills and be a team player. You should be flexible in adapting to changing requirements and able to cope with and reduce ambiguity.

  • An ability to quickly understand, augment, test, and debug unfamiliar systems is valuable
  • Proven experience in
  • A demonstrated interest or experience in ML is preferred.
  • You should be fluent in C++ and/or Python
  • Experience with Google ML libraries and backend technologies such as TensorFlow, TFX, Colab, Flume, Dremel, etc. is highly valuable

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