C # / C ++ Full-Stack Software Engineer

Leica - full time


05 Apr 2019


LIFE @ Geomatics Division

  • Conception, Design, and Implementation of Technologically Prompted Software Solutions for Our High-End Products
  • Pflege unsercodebase and documentation of software
  • Close cooperation with our other application engineers / engineers, our dedicated product management and support team
  • Work in the interdisciplinary agile software development teams

Desired Skills

LIVE YOUR SKILLS @ Geomatics Division

  • You are available for technical deletion and seven good software knowledge from backend to front end
  • You have experience in every step of the development of a professional software product: from the concept of production to designing and also in the production.
  • C ++: C ++ 11 and higher, BOOST, REST
  • C #: ASP.net MVC, ASP.net Web API, .NET Core, .NET Framework, WCF, Entity Framework, Bootstrap, JavaScript, CSS
  • VisualStudio 2017, MS SQL, Unit testing, Central source control system, Requirement Engineering and Bug Tracking System, Pair Check-In, Code Reviews, ISO Certified Software Development Process, Scrum, Kanban

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