Research Engineer, Datasets & Tools


Montreal, Canada

full time

27 Apr 2020


The DeepMind Montreal Research team develops powerful general-purpose learning algorithms, with a special focus on deep reinforcement learning. Our team is responsible for building environments, agents and tooling to accelerate research and as DeepMind continues to grow so must this team.

It’s time to supercharge our efforts with new pipelines/tools for visualisation and training, debugging and testing. We want to build common tools that enable the wider research team to create such prototypes rapidly and perform rigorous experimentation at scale. You’ll come across unique challenges that combine state-of-the-art computer systems with cutting AI algorithms so some ML experience is required. We’re looking to hire two new team members, and we’re excited to find you.


  • Collaborate with Research Scientists and Research Engineers to implement and evaluate ML algorithms
  • Go-to person for the team to build/scale infrastructure and tools for research teams
  • Join collaborative research projects that have built momentum and are looking to scale
  • Report and present software developments including status updates and results
  • Architect and implement software libraries for research prototypes across the range of DeepMind research projects
  • Identify and solve problems within a research context
  • Research products instead of prototypes - helping to drive the focus on scalability/use-ability in the wider organisation
  • Provide software design and programming support to research projects
  • Challenge researchers and collaborators to push to maintain robust coding, design and processes across research teams

About You


  • Minimum MSc in Computer Science or similar degree
  • Knowledge gained from various professional industries
  • Proven applied experience in at least one of:
    • multi-threaded design
    • parallel/distributed computing
    • numerical methods
    • compilers
    • data visualisation
  • Versatility to flex between infrastructure work and research
  • Passion for AI with a willingness to keep learning
  • Experience implementing and evaluating ML algorithms in industry
  • Strong C++ and Python skills


  • PhD in Computer Science
  • Prior experience working in a research environment
  • Experience implementing Reinforcement Learning algorithms

Competitive salary applies.

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