Compiler Engineer

Codeplay - full time

Edinburgh, Scotland

11 Apr 2019


Candidate Skills - Must Have

  • Sound compiler implementation knowledge, particularly of the middle and back-end, ideally using LLVM.
  • Strong C++ skills and ability to work with complex modern C++ source bases.
  • Ability to clearly communicate, and document technical problems and solutions in a compact and understandable way.
  • Ability to effectively test compiler/runtime features by writing tests and using continuous integration.
  • Ability to quickly pick up and progress new technologies.

Candidate Skills - Any of the following would be beneficial

  • Understanding of GPUs and/or other accelerator processor architectures and their impact on compiler technology.
  • Knowledge of C++14/17 features.
  • Project work relevant to compilers (commercial/academic R&D or hobby/university projects).
  • Experience writing research papers in relevant areas.
  • Parallel programming.
  • Experience with low-level optimisation, whether via compilers or manual optimisation.
  • Existing GPGPU technologies (especially OpenCL).
  • Real-time graphics development (OpenGL/Vulkan/GLSL, DirectX/HLSL, ...).
  • Language design (e.g. functional programming experience).
  • Build systems (e.g. CMake) and compiler tool-chains.
  • Program verification / model checking.


If you can prove skills and knowledge through portfolio work, projects or previous employment, then a degree is not essential.

The Cover Note/Letter is just as important as your CV/Resume, so please include one, stating why you believe you are a good fit for the position. If you have examples of your own software projects, we would love to see them , so please include links to them in your application.

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