Profiler Tools Development Engineer


Bangalore, Karnataka, India

full time

21 Jul 2020


Profiler Tool engineer is expected to develop and/or port the CPU power and performance Profiler too. Profiler tool enables tuning any software application for performance or power, on AMD platform. The profiler tool has a kernel driver components that configures and collects the metrics of interest and a larger user space application that translates, interprets this data and presents it appropriately to an analyst either as a command line tool or through a very rich GUI. The profiler tool engineer is expected to enhance this tool and/or port this tool to new platforms and OS and as needed write test cases to validate the tool


  • BS with 5+ years of experience, MS with 3+ years of experience
  • Expert C++ programmer with advance skills in data structure, algorithms, C++STL
  • Excellent understanding of OS concepts
  • Experience and expertise in kernel driver development in atleast one OS – windows, Linux, FreeBSD
    • Experience with FreeBSD is a big plus
  • Experience with QT widget design using Signals, Slots and C++ data structures - is a plus
  • Experience in developing complex software projects
  • Good knowledge of Software development processes
  • Ability to work independently, interpersonal and teamwork skills

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