Software Engineer


Berlin / Ingolstadt, Germany and REMOTE

full time

10 Aug 2020


Qualcomm is a company of inventors that unlocked 5G ushering in an age of rapid acceleration in connectivity and new possibilities that will transform industries, create jobs, and enrich lives. But this is just the beginning. It takes inventive minds with diverse skills, backgrounds, and cultures to transform 5Gs potential into world-changing technologies and products. This is the Invention Age - and this is where you come in.

This role will be remote based in Berlin with a telecommuting agreement.

Automotive is the first major industry that Qualcomm is disrupting by building on our foundational leadership, differentiation, and scale in mobile. In just a few years, Qualcomm has gone from newcomer to trusted technology leader in the automotive infotainment segment, securing design wins with many of the major automakers worldwide. Automakers have come to rely on us not only for modem technology, where Qualcomm is the #1 semiconductor in telematics, but also as their trusted partner for redefining the in-car infotainment and cockpit experience. We have debuted our third-generation infotainment product line and are now a leader in the automotive infotainment category for next-generation designs. Snapdragon is expanding in its capabilities to power the next-generation cockpit experience as the media and information centre in the vehicle, which drives significant audio, video, graphics, camera, and software complexity. AI is also now expanding the horizon and bringing new use cases to customers.

This position is for Qualcomm Automotive Application Engineering Group, which closely collaborates with its automotive partners and customers from concept to commercialization. The team involves with all aspects of Embedded software such as SW & HW designs, Feature Prototyping, Feature Integration, SW customization, Performance Optimization & Improvement and other debugging efforts which is key for a successful launch of the product.

This Position is for a strong Software Engineer with good knowledge and hands-on experience in Design/Development/Debugging aspects of Embedded Multimedia (Graphics/ Display/Camera/Video /Audio) on one or more of operating systems like Linux, Android, Greenhills Integrity and QNX embedded systems. The Main responsibility is to provide direct support to Qualcomm customers and partners with the design, development and debug of SW issues and helping to customize/optimize software to meet the product requirements using the features in Qualcomm SOC. The Candidate must quickly ramp-up onto an existing project, understand Automotive platform Hardware and Software driver architecture, read/write technical specifications/requirements, demonstrate strong analytical and problem-solving abilities and work closely with external customers to launch their new products on time.

The successful candidate will get a chance to work on cutting edge infotainment/digital cockpit technologies from leading Auto manufacturers and Tier1s and see the projects through to commercialization.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 4+ years Software Applications Engineering, Software Development experience, or related work experience.
  • Experience with Embedded software development, integration, debugging.
  • Experience with embedded Multimedia development in one or more of Audio, Display, Graphics, Camera domains.
  • Experience with C/C++ programming.
  • Experience High level operating systems (Linux and/or Android) Or any Real-time Operating systems.
  • Excellent issue triage and Debugging skills
  • Good Communication and Excellent Team working skills.
  • Quick Adaptability to work in new technologies.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with Automotive Infotainment projects
  • Live debugging and Post-mortem debugging
  • Experience with one or more software platforms: QNX, GHS, Linux Containers
  • Exposure to Hypervisors and Virtualization
  • OpenGL ES, Vulcan, OpenCL
  • Audio Frameworks and Drivers
  • Experience with Display and Camera drivers and controllers
  • Familiarity with bridge-chips (serialiser/de-serialisers), composition, colour formats
  • GPU buffer management, GPU shader architecture
  • Display panel and /or Camera sensor specifications (timing, pixel clock, framerates)
  • Experience with CSI and DSI interfaces
  • Video Codecs (HEVC, H265/H264) Audio Codecs (MP3/AAC)
  • Experience with System performance profiling and optimization
  • Understanding of Linux kernel concepts and relevant work experience.
  • Familiarity with : Qt/QML, SHM, Window Managers, Texture Compression, Physical Audio interfaces (I2S, TDM), Sample Rate Conversion/ASRC, DSP software, MOST, eAVB

Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Information Systems, Computer Science, Electronics, or related field. (Masters Preferred)

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