Senior Software Engineer, Asset Pipeline


Copenhagen, Denmark

full time

21 Sep 2020


Do you love solving complex problems and do you have a passion for asset pipeline, asset importing and data management? Then we might have the perfect position for you! In Core we are looking for a senior engineer for our Asset Pipeline team. In our view, solving complex problems requires a desire to understand users’ workflows and pain points, creativity, certain risk taking and the ability to work well within a team. It also requires being able to take decisions, iterate, work with feedback and learn.

Core is a part of R&D. We deliver low level type functionality that a lot of teams within Unity build on top of and our users rely heavily upon. The Asset Pipeline team is looking for a colleague, a Senior Software Engineer, to be based in Copenhagen to work with us on initiatives in the Asset Pipeline team.


  • Develop tools, real time editing and perform engine programming with quality and performance in mind
  • Implement Unity engine features that support the performance needs of large projects and teams
  • Deliver stable end-to-end functionality with high quality in mind


  • Experience from real-world software engineering in complex systems
  • Experience with C++
  • General understanding of C# for use with Unity
  • Strong Problem solving skills and ability to drive projects
  • Architectural and whole workflow awareness

Bonus Points

  • Prior experience with the Unity engine and Editor
  • Understanding the challenges of real-time 3D and the scalability and performance it requires
  • Understanding of large code bases and desire to solve the challenges it can bring
  • Experience with automated testing

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