Deep Learning R&D Engineer


Seoul, South Korea

full time

28 Sep 2020


Intel Edge.AI team in Korea is looking for a Deep Learning R&D Engineer. This position requires fundamentals of Computer science and understanding of Deep learning and/or Machine learning knowledge. In this role, you will work with a passionate, product-focused cross international team to ideate, rapidly prototype, and ship next-generation deep learning products as a part of Intel AI programs. [Your responsibilities include] - Neural Architecture Search (NAS) algorithm design and implementation - Hyper-Parameter Optimization (HPO) algorithm design and implementation - Domain adaptation / Knowledge transfer / Life-long learning / Representation learning algorithm design and implementation - Computer vision algorithm design and implementation - Deep learning model training and deployment framework development - Bench-marking with an emphasis on algorithmic performance and power efficiency

Key Qualifications

  • Understanding of state-of-the-art Deep learning theories, techniques, architectures, and optimization strategies
    • More than 2 years (Ph.D. case 1+ years) experiences on Deep learning product development and deployment
    • Excellent problem solving and algorithm design skills - Excellent communication skills
    • Experience working with one or more Deep learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe, and MxNet
    • Strong programming skills with C/C++ and Python
    • Experiences on programming and testing on Linux environment

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience as a Deep learning researcher
  • Scientific publications in one or more of Deep learning, Computer vision, and Computer science
  • Experience optimizing deep networks for efficient training and/or inference
  • Familiar with Microservice Architecture and REST API.


  • MS or Ph.D. degree in Computer Science or related area, Applied Mathematics, and Statistics.

Inside this Business Group
Employees of the Internet of Things Solutions Group (IOTG) have an exciting opportunity before them: To grow Intel's leadership position in the rapidly evolving IoT market by delivering the best silicon, software and services that meet a wide range of customer requirements - from Intel® Xeon® to Intel® Quark®. The group, a fresh, dynamic collaboration between Intel's Intelligent Solutions Group and Wind River Systems, utilizes assets from across all of Intel in such areas as industrial automation, retail, automobiles and aerospace. The IOTG team is dedicated to helping Intel drive the next major growth inflection through productivity and new business models that are emerging as a result of IoT.

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