Edge Computing/Analytics


Bangalore, India

full time

23 Dec 2019


Edge Project, an edge computing open source platform for various use cases in the home. Home Edge Computing helps in redefining how and where compute takes place in distributed environment.

The technical aspects of products and services offered by Home Edge platform:

  • Dynamic device / service discovery at Home Edge
  • Distributed machine learning
  • Multi-vendor interoperability
  • Security and data privacy of users
  • QoS guarantee in various dynamic conditions (e.g. devices On or Off)

This edge engine is built for Android, Open source Linux and Tizen.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Edge Orchestration (Master Edge):
    a) Intelligent Master Edge Assignment : Understand the device usage pattern through ML learning and select a reliable master device.
    b) Intelligent connectivity management : Choose optimized routing channel between various devices in home.
  • Distributed & Parallel ML:
    a) Understand and develop solution to deploy data parallelism and model parallelism in distributed envionment using production ML framework.
    b) Learning user pattern from the Home Edge Device and offering contents subscription.
  • Service Reliability:
    a) Develop a reliable scoring model using time series forcasting method for reliable service offloading.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Strong on C / C++/Java Programming skills.
  • Enthusiasm to work on different ML Frameworks like Tensorflow, Keras, PyTorch, H2O etc
  • Data analytics and modelling will an added advantage.
  • Good understanding of distributed computing environment.
  • Excellent debugging, analytical skills.
  • Good understanding of Android platform concepts and have hands-on experience in developing background services.
  • Design and development of mobile services with inter process communication.
  • Knowledge and development on IoT platform is additional advantage.

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