Lead Engine programmer


Annecy, France

full time

26 May 2021


Your Daily Quest

Working closely with the Core Team of one of Ubisoft’s brands, you will help defining the project’s technical orientation.

As a Lead Engine C++ Programmer, you will be responsible for the architecture, the production and the implementation of all the game engine features on the project. With strong management and technical skills, you will organize the production for the engine programming team, distribute the tasks and help your people communicate with other teams across several studios internationally.

As a key technical adviser for the project, you will have to understand and challenge the game’s creative intentions to ensure their technical feasibility.

Technical responsibilities

  • Bring our proprietary game engine to a 2.0 version by developing and optimizing new engine components,
  • Address our Artistic and Technical Directors’ performance constraints and requirements,
  • Make sure that the game hits the various target devices (including current and next gen consoles),
  • Ensure that our coding standards and best practices are followed within the engine programming team,
  • Tackle complex technical problems while keeping performance optimization in mind,
  • Help the team with debugging and optimizing the code,
  • Ensure that the team writes and updates a proper technical documentation throughout the development of the project.

Managerial responsibilities

  • Manage a team of 4+ experienced engine programmers,
  • Communicate on a daily basis with the Core Team, along with other teams and parties involved,
  • Prioritize the tasks for your team, follow and evaluate their work,
  • Participate in meetings with other teams across several studios worldwide,
  • Construct a team spirit and encourage creativity within your team,
  • Share information and knowledge in your domain of expertise.


  • A strong experience in game programming with a focus on engine/tools/render programming,
  • Mastery in C++ and multithread programming,
  • A first managerial experience is considered a big plus (but not stricly needed),
  • Comfortable working in an Agile and iterative work environment,
  • Good time-management skills,
  • Ability to show attentiveness, empathy and integrity,
  • Desire to grow and seek continuous improvement

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