Software Engineer, Shell


Seattle, Washington, USA

full time

03 Jan 2020


The System Shell team is looking for an engineer to work on foundational systems software used by many of our first party VR experiences. The role is cross-cutting and will entail working close to the OS layers to deliver new features that enable VR applications to cooperatively share input, composition and hardware functionality. All features target a strict performance budget and run on mobile hardware.
By applying to System Shell, you will have an opportunity to work across a very wide run-time stack that comprises a custom 2D application hosting framework, fundamental 2D/3D graphics rendering and input systems as well as opportunities working on our core UX platform and System Apps.
The 2D application framework powers many of our first party experiences such as our Store, Library, Cinema and Browser applications. Here you will work on features like run-time hosting, window management and multi-tasking. Our 3D graphics and rendering systems enables high quality 3D environments and best-in-class 2D text/image composition. This layer combines in novel ways 3D input capabilities and our 2D translation layers. If you have a passion for hard input problems, you’ll find this especially interesting. Our core UX and System Application framework powers all of our top level, consistent in VR UI. This includes our global navigation component and task bar, system dialogs, system notifications, system settings and a large set of configuration applets for WiFi, Permissions and other device properties.
This role offers many opportunities to leverage existing skills in both performance and systems level security. The primary programming environments will be Mobile focused with Android, C/C++ and Java, but additional opportunities exist to leverage React VR, JavaScript and cross-overs into PC development.


  • Design and develop the system level cooperative multi-tasking software for mobile VR applications on Gear VR.
  • Design and develop composition systems that enable best in class visuals on mobile hardware and that work across a multitude of input paradigms including orientation and positional tracking.
  • Set and achieve key performance metrics for CPU, GPU and battery life of all system level software and first party experiences.
  • Design and develop telemetry for verifying that key performance metrics are being achieved on end user devices.
  • Work with first party experiences, including Oculus Browser and Oculus Home, to enable features which allow those teams to build improved VR experiences.


  • B.S. in Comp Sci/Comp Engineering or equivalent experience.
  • 4+ years industry experience developing systems level software in C/C++, Java, C# or similar systems level software languages.
  • Experience communicating and working with other teams of engineers, product designers and product managers on projects.
  • Experience in systems level design thinking with focuses on performance and/or security.

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