Neuromorphic Software Engineer


Hillsboro, Oregon, USA

full time

08 Jan 2020


Job Description
Join Intel Labs' Neuromorphic Computing Lab to develop novel software for Intel's neuromorphic research chips. The challenges we face in this domain are wide-ranging, spanning firmware, device drivers, neuromorphic compilers, scalable spiking neural network simulators, programming models, and SDKs. Neuromorphic processors are dramatically different from conventional processors, so we need open-minded developers eager to embrace new models of computing. As a developer in NCL, you may also participate in neuromorphic algorithms prototyping and application research, oftentimes in partnership with external companies and research groups.


  • BS Computer Science (with 5 years of coding experience) or MS Computer Science (with 3 years of coding experience) at a minimum
  • 3 years of experience with Python, C and C++
    1- year of experience with deep learning frameworks such as Tensorflow, Keras, or PyTorch.
  • Familiarity with Spiking Neural Networks (SNNs)
  • Excellent grasp of basic computer architecture principles and algorithms

Inside this Business Group
Intel Labs is the company's world-class, industry leading research organization, responsible for driving Intel's technology pipeline and creating new opportunities. The mission of Intel Labs is to deliver breakthrough technologies to fuel Intel's growth. This includes identifying and exploring compelling new technologies and high risk opportunities ahead of business unit investment and demonstrating first-to-market technologies and innovative new usages for computing technology. Intel Labs engages the leading thinkers in academia and industry in addition to partnering closely with Intel business units.

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