Senior Software Engineer, Data Oriented Programming

Unity - full time

Burbank, California, USA

07 Mar 2019


Unity reaches the world on the next billion devices, from entry-level mobile phones to the highest-end AAA games and runtimes need to be highly performance and scalable. The Unity Data-Oriented Design team builds the tools to give developers the capability to create those experiences and tools to enable others to do so. Our goals are to enable best in class hardware usage and optimizations that can scale from tiny games running on smart watches, to large scale experiences in a way that’s fully accessible to our audience.

You will be working on a brand-new, highly modularized architecture based around data-oriented design principles where scalability lives alongside performance. Areas of focus would include core runtime features, asset optimization, editor UI and workflows. Your game design experience might influence our engine functionality design. And you will have an opportunity to work on compression technology, compiler optimizations, data design and other technology innovations to drive game experiences and tools development at Unity.

You have experienced the practical challenges of developing and shipping games. You have ideas and opinions on how features such as rendering, physics, UI, multiplayer networking, or animation should be designed and implemented, but you’re willing to work with others to build consensus around your designs. You want the opportunity to experiment and implement these ideas and guide the development of Unity’s new data-oriented runtime and tools. The Software Engineer will be an integral part of our Core Engine team in Los Angeles.

You will collaborate with the core Unity engineering team in our global offices. You will write C++ in the Unity engine, C# in the scripting layer, and use a handful of additional technologies that come with the platforms that we support — such as PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Web, and Consoles.


  • Democratize data oriented programming in the Unity game engine
  • Develop tools, real time editing and perform engine programming
  • Write code in C++ in the Unity Engine and C# in Scripting layer
  • Organize cross department/group teams to successfully solve internal and customer problems
  • Provide Technical direction including tools, rendering, and infrastructure


  • BS/MS Computer Science with strengths in both C++ and C# with three plus years engineering experience
  • Experience supporting multiple platforms such as iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Windows Phone
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with the ability to build relationships with global stakeholders

Bonus points

  • Experience working with remote/international teams
  • Prior experience with the Unity engine

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