Software Engineer, Core Data


Boston, Massachusetts, USA

full time

14 Jan 2020


Facebook’s Core Data organization builds low-latency high-reliability data stores, caches, and indexes that power Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Oculus. This group of systems serves billions of requests per second. We are evolving these distributed systems to provide strong global consistency guarantees while remaining loosely coupled.


  • Systems programming in C++
  • Help shape the team’s roadmap
  • Integrate lessons from recent distributed system research
  • Analyze and improve the correctness, efficiency, scalability, and reliability of a group of interacting distributed systems
  • Work with infra teams to codesign new consistency primitives for their services
  • Work with product teams to align infrastructure capabilities with their needs
  • Mentor new team members as the team grows


  • Production experience in a systems programming language: C, C++, Rust or similar languages
  • Computer science training or equivalent experience


  • Experience building and running sharded services
  • Experience designing high-reliability stateful services
  • Experience implementing and proving consistency guarantees in distributed systems
  • Experience improving and optimizing complex distributed systems

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