Senior Software Engineer - Video Algorithms

Netflix - full time

Los Gatos, California, USA

13 Mar 2019


The Challenge:
We encode video streams that account more than one third of peak download traffic in North America, and are viewed by more than 130 million subscribers worldwide. We ingest thousands of high profile TV shows and movies and transcode to the best video quality possible. We incorporate automated quality control throughout our pipeline so that our streams play seamlessly on all Netflix-ready devices. We run our ingest and encoding software on the cloud and need to design for efficiency, reliability, and scalability.

How We Meet the Challenge:
A combination of effective signal processing algorithms, excellent software development and strong intuition on what works for a scalable production system.

About You:
You are a self-driven Senior Software Engineer who thrives in a fast-paced environment. You have excellent software development skills and a strong background in video and image algorithms. You constantly strive to improve yourself and the team. You are eager to apply your expertise in solving cutting-edge video and image processing challenges, impacting what millions of people see everyday.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 5+ years experience in multimedia software development, with excellent debugging and problem solving skills.
  • BS in Computer Science/Electrical Engineering or equivalent. MS or PhD a plus.
  • Expert in C++ or Java and object-oriented programming.
  • Solid understanding of video compression and processing, including codec standards such as H.264/AVC, HEVC and VP9.
  • Strong background in image and signal processing, both algorithm design and implementation (for example, image scaling, deinterlacing, frame rate conversion, artifact detection).

Bonus points:

  • Experience with large-scale distributed systems and cloud-computing
  • Experience with software performance optimization
  • Involvement in open-source multimedia projects (such as ffmpeg, x264, avisynth, webm)
  • Experience with image and video quality assessment

As a Senior Software Engineer in the Video Algorithms team, you will:

  • Develop and maintain video and image encoding software that plug into the Netflix media pipeline, designing for quality, robustness and scale.
  • Design and implement algorithms that can automate video quality control of incoming source content and encoded Netflix streams.
  • Participate in work related to next-generation video technologies.

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