Senior Software Development Engineer


Cagliari, Italy

full time

24 Jan 2020


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the world leader in providing a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of businesses in hundreds of countries around the world!

NICE is an AWS subsidiary focused on High Performance Computing (HPC) and application streaming technologies for the technical computing market.

The engineering team at NICE is searching for experienced and passionate Software Engineers to join the team and help developing DCV, one of the most innovative and performant remote display protocols in the market.

Being part of a small and international team means that you will be involved in all aspects of development: from creating elegant designs to developing effective code that solves real customer needs. There will be plenty of opportunity to get involved with new technologies and work on different components of the solution, or, if you prefer, to become expert in a particular area. Either way, there will be always something new to learn.

In addition, as member of the NICE engineering team you will part of the bigger family of Amazon EC2 and its world-class team which involves an active collaboration with other AWS team and locations.

We just ask you to be highly passionate and motivated and willing to make a significant contribution to our products. Your talent and passion can make a big difference.


  • BS or higher degree in Computer Science, or related degree
  • 6+ years working experience as C/C++ developer
  • Basic knowledge of C#, Javascript and/or Swift
  • Strong architectural and design skills
  • Experience with Windows and/or Linux operating systems
  • Experience with network programming


  • Experience with remote display protocols (Citrix, VNC, HP-RGS, Spice, MS-RDP, etc.)
  • Experience with multi-media streaming
  • Familiarity with AWS platform.
  • Experience with OpenGL or Direct3D programming.
  • In depth knowledge of X Window System and/or Linux graphics stack
  • Contribution to a major open-source project
  • Previous experience with protocol design and implementation

You will be able to choose between Cagliari or Asti as job location.

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